Internal Medicine

Tutorial Programme

Registrar Learning ProgrammePart 1 Programme

All registrars who do have not passed Part 1, irrespective of their seniority, are required to attend the Wednesday afternoon tutorials. Attendance is compulsory. If you cannot attend, download an application for leave of absence here, complete it and hand it in to Precious Sibiya. Note that the purpose of requiring your written application for leave of absence is more than just keeping a check on registrars – it will also allow us to identify problematic areas within the rotation which do not allow you to attend tutorials, so that we can attempt to put this right.

Failure to attend at least 80% of tutorials overall (those from which you are excused are drawn from the remaining 20%) may have adverse consequences.

Please note that the primary intention is not to be dictatorial or punitive. Experience suggests that registrars underestimate the application needed for Part 1, and additionally fail to appreciate the advantage of adapting themselves to the style of thinking and answering required in the examination. It is the purpose of these tutorials to assist with this.

See the appropriate pages for details.

Part 2 Programme

Any registrar who has Part 1 is welcome to attend, though the programme is specifically designed to assist those writing at the next sitting.

See the appropriate pages for details.

Year-round Clinical Programme

Every registrar who can break free from their clinical commitments should attend these regular clinical tutorials.

 MONDAY  General Medicine  Prof Cassim    
   Rheumatology  Prof Mody    
 TUESDAY   Endocrinology  Prof Motala    
 WEDNESDAY   Grand Round      
   Part 1 tutorial  Dr VG Naidoo    
   Part 2 tutorial  Dr F Said    
 THURSDAY  Neurology  Prof Bhigjee    
   Cardiology  Prof DP Naidoo    
 FRIDAY  Problem Round    Department/IALCH