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FCP Part 2 Preparation

Preparation for the Part 2 FCP(SA) ExaminationDocumentation



  • Click here for the FCP(SA) syllabus in PDF format.
  • Click here for the FCP(SA) syllabus in word format (OCR read from PDF format: ignore consequent typographical errors)
  • Click here to access the FCP(SA) pages within the CMSA site
  • Click on these links to access the FreeMind mind mapping software (home site) or (local download).



Preparation for the Theoretical Component

Informal Study Groups

Our candidates are encouraged to form and join informal study groups in preparation for the examination.

Supported Learning Programme

Tutorials are held on Wednesday afternoons in the Department in the period preceding the College examinations. These tutorials are based on the concept of student-driven active and cooperative learning.

Theoretical component

Preparation for the written papers, the objective test and for the theoretical component of the clinical examination.

We offer a 12 week programme designed to assist candidates in preparing for the Written Papers and Objective Tests. The programme ends once these papers have been written.

Click here to access the programme.

Preparation for the Objective Test

Clinical images and interpretation

  • Rheumatology
  • Dermatology
  • Radiology
  • Chest radiograph
  • Musculoskeletal, spinal and skull radiology
  • Computerised tomography


Data interpretation

  • The ECG
  • Haematology
  • Lung function testing
  • CXR
  • Slide Show and Mock Exam


Formative assessment

  • Mock Objectives Examination and Feedback Session


Preparation for the written papers

  • Answering the written questions
  • Short essay question practice
  • Mock papers for group-based discussion
  • Endocrine Review and Short Questions


Clinical Component

Exam-Readiness Tutorials

Bedside tutorials directed at increasing clinical skills, confidence and knowledge, presentation skills and examination readiness are held on Wednesday afternoons for the period between the sitting of the Written Papers and Objective Test, and the FCP clinical examinations.

Discipline-specific Training

The traditional programme of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon clinical teaching has been revised and revitalised. These tutorials are intended:

  • To provide some form of comprehensive and structured coverage of the field for those who have not had the benefit of an actual rotation in a particular discipline
  • To provide exposure to a broad range of disciplines, conditions and consultant staff
  • To strengthen physical examination techniques
  • To provide practice in dealing with the stress of the formal clinical examination.

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