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Registration for Registrars

Regulations for RegistrarsDocumentation and Communication


All registrars must ensure that they are properly registered with the Faculty as MMed students, and that their registration with the HPCSA is up to date.


It is essential that our registrar database is up to date at all times with your personal details, details of your training history (N numbers and experience thus far), cell number and current email address.

It is essential that you check your email frequently.

Working Hours

* Standard working hours for registrars/MOs are 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday.

* Registrars/MOs are therefore expected to be on-site no later than 8 am, and to leave no earlier than 5 pm with the following exception

  • Registrars/MOs who have been on all-night call should be allowed to leave at 12 noon the following day. They may only leave earlier with the express permission of a consultant, and then only if the night-call has been particularly heavy with little sleep.
  • Registrars/MOs may leave their sites to attend formal postgraduate teaching sessions at Medical School or Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, and may finish their working day when these sessions end. Attendance at  each session is to be recorded in a register.

* Every patient has an expectation of being seen by a registrar/MO on Saturday and Sunday and mornings, and on public holidays. This is either:


  • the registrar/MO looking after that patient, or:
  • in terms of a written policy issued by the Head of the relevant Department, an on-call registrar, intern or MO rostered for weekend duties.

* No registrar/MO is to leave his/her site until all his/her patients have been properly cared for. In particular, no patient referred to him/her for admission before 5 pm is to be left for a night-call registrar/MO to deal with. Such patients remain his/her responsibility until properly clerked, admitted and treated.


* In the event of any potential conflict between the medical needs of patients, such as emergencies arising in late afternoon or evening, and these stipulated working hours, the needs of the patient are paramount. Registrars or MOs are expected to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure optimal care of the patient.

* HODs are required to enforce these regulations, and to report defaulters to the Head of Division.

* Transgression of these regulations will be regarded seriously, in particular:

  • failure to attend to a patient when this is indicated
  • failure to assist a colleague when this is indicated
  • absence from duty during the stipulated hours
  • unauthorized late arrivals and early departures
  • failure to attend a teaching session when the intention to do so has been used as a reason for leaving the workplace: this is regarded as fraud
  • abuse of sick leave
  • -failure to hand in leave forms which accurately reflect the leave taken.

Leave Rules

1. All leave requests must be received by 31 May for the period July to December and 30 November for the period January to June.

2. Only 2 registrars will be allocated leave at a specific given time.If a unit consultant approves leave despite this then no relief will be provided under all circumstances.

3. A maximum of eight days of leave may be taken in a four month rotation.

4. Leave must be taken in each rotation timously and not accrued.

5. Leave will be allocated on a first come basis provided the unit consultant are agreeable.

6. No leave will be allowed in the first 2 week of the year, FCP examination, final year examination week and last two weeks of the year apart from three days relocation leave. Where leave is granted despite this then no relief will be provided in any event.

7. Special leave will require a motivation letter and if possible will be accommodated.

8. If no leave requests are received timously then leave will be allocated.

9. Registrars and interns in the same unit must not overlap their leave and no relief will be provided if that situation arises. The onus is on the consultant in charge of the unit to ensure this.

10. Leave at MGH/ ADD/ PMMH /RKK/cardiology must be discussed with those unit heads directly and needs to be approved by specific institutions.

11. All FCP part 1 candidates are allowed one week leave on 50:50 ratio. An attempt will be made to accommodate all candidates but where the number of candidates is overwhelming then preference will be given to first time candidates.

12. FCP Part two candidates will be allowed 2 weeks leave in the same ratio and same conditions applicable.

13. The Head of Department reserves the right to approve all leave at his discretion.

Sick Leave

1. All registrars need to be familiar with hospital policy regarding sick leave.

2. A leave form must be completed for all sick leave dates irrespective of the number of days taken. Where required a medical certificate must be attached.

3. Registrars must familiarize themselves with College and HPCSA guideline regarding total amount of sick leave permissible.

4. The unit consultant and Depts. Medicine must be informed by 8.30am if a registrar is sick and with a date of expected return.

On-call Roster at IALCH


Pulmonology registrars and MOs and Geriatrics registrars as rostered giving an approximately 1:5 roster.

Renal Call

Renal registrars and MOs as rostered. Expected call frequency is no more than 1 in 5. However additional slots will be provided from Medical Call pool to result in a 1:6 roster, though we will not provide more registrars in the event that the frequency increases to 1:5.

Medical Call

Registrars as follows:
Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Rheumatology registrars and MOs
These registrars to be rostered for Medical Call plus additional renal calls such that renal duties do not drop below 1 in 5.


All medical patients in IALCH, including emergencies in dermatology patients at request of dermatology staff.
Haematology duties at IALCH are currently under discussion with Haematology.


Weekdays and weekends are to be shared equally between all registrars in renal and medical lists. Renal registrars remain responsible for their own morning rounds on weekends and holidays.

Relief Arrangements

Planned Leave

Special units to be covered internally without relief.
General medicine all hospitals to be covered internally

Emergency Cover (Unplanned Absences)

To be handled in this order.

1. Deficit to be made up internally within the unit. Do not expect any assistance at short notice to cover the same night/weekend—the colleagues in the same unit are to shift duties up to cover the absence. The onus is on the registrars and unit concerned to organise this.

2. Only if absence prolonged will relief be provided:

  • Relief registrar if available
  • Followed by neurology and cardiology registrars in rotation (records to be kept)
  • Then KEH and special unit registrars in rotation (records to be kept)


Registrars taking short absences (e.g. anything other than serious or extended illness) are expected to make up their overtime by taking on additional duties in a later cycle, thus paying back their colleagues who stood in for them.

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