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Research Methodology Module

Research Methodology ModuleIntroduction

All registrars who registered for the first time are part of a revised MMed programme. This requires them to complete a certain amount of coursework, of which this module is one part, and to perform a research project. The Research Methodology module is designed to assist registrars with the information they need to embark on such a project with confidence.

Who must attend the module?

All registrars who first registered for the MMed in 2007 or later must attend in order to qualify for remission of MMed fees for the year. Attendance at one of the courses is also mandatory in order to be allowed to sit for the FCP(SA) examinations.

Attendance is not restricted however, and we hope that other registrars and young consultants will attend and find the series of lectures valuable.


A series of lectures in the Susser & Stein Seminar Room, DDMRI held on two successive weekends


This is available here.

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