Internal Medicine


Academic/Admin MeetingsCase Vignettes

The format is completely different from that for case presentations at Grand Rounds.

1. Each floor (N4 or N5)is to prepare about 6 short cases for presentation (2 per team).

2. Cases should be presented in 5 minutes or less.

3. History and examination findings are to be severely pruned so that only the information necessary for further discussion is presented. Get to the point as quickly as possible.

4. Each presentation should have a clearly defined purpose for discussion; the purpose must be educational or should raise a problem within KEH general medicine that we can address – logistic, staffing, lack of a protocol etc.

5. Powerpoint is not necessary, and is in fact discouraged unless there is some special information or imaging to be shown.

Monthly Staff Meeting

1. We meet once a month with senior nursing staff from our wards.

2. Come prepared to discuss problems or to make constructive suggestions as to how our wards might function better.

Monthly Morbidity and Mortality Meeting

1. Every registrar is to submit a typed list of deaths for the previous month using our proforma.

2. Indicate on this proforma one or two patients whom you believe should be discussed at the meeting and come prepared for this.

3. You need to have adequate information about the patient at hand, but should not prepare a formal presentation.