Internal Medicine

National MCQ Project

National MCQ ProjectOur Division is playing a leading role in a current project to amalgamate the disparate banks of multiple choice questions for undergraduate exams held around the country into a single, national resource available to the Departments of Medicine in all the South African Medical Schools, including the University of Zimbabwe.

The project is led by Prof Rafique Moosa of the University of Stellenbosch and Dr Farhanah Paruk of our Department.

A containing database has been developed in conjunction with the ICT department of Stellenbosch University, and is currently being populated with questions submitted by members of the Departments of Medicine from all our medical schools. All questions are reviewed by the working group before they are posted to the database.

In line with modern thinking, we have settled on two types of question: Type A (one-best-answer) and Type R (extended matching item).

Once in full operation, this bank will be of immense value, allowing all of us access to high-quality questions without the need for continual reinvention of what may well be available somewhere in the country already. It should also help to raise the standard of MCQ examination in all our Departments.