Internal Medicine

Desired Outcomes

Desired Educational OutcomesThe purpose of our teaching programme in Medicine is the development of a professional, competent, caring, thinking clinician.

Our assessments in medicine are therefore directed explicitly at determining whether the student is developing into a professional, competent, caring, thinking clinician. The more accurately and directly our various methods of assessment reflect this, the more appropriate they are. 


The student is able to arrive at an appropriate problem list and formulate and execute an appropriate plan of investigation, management and communication to address the problems.

This presupposes competence in:

  • History taking
  • Physical examination
  • Selection and interpretation of investigations
  • Clinical reasoning
    and possession of sufficient factual knowledge to support this.

Additionally, the student is able to:

  • Select and initiate appropriate therapy.
  • Provide ongoing care beyond the initial interview, assess progress or deterioration and respond appropriately.
  • Communicate with colleagues, patient and family.
  • Formulate discharge plans explicitly designed to maintain health and prevent relapse.


The student is mature, responsible, ethical and committed to both the initial and the ongoing welfare of the patient.


The student has the interests of the patient and the patient’s family at heart, demonstrates courtesy, warmth and empathy in their dealings with both, and communicates effectively with both.


The student has a clear understanding of the issues at hand – whether clinical, personal, social, scientific or other – and is able to reflect on these, reason through them, make an intelligent assessment and see beyond them to the most appropriate response as well as to see potential avenues for further exploration, study and research.