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Department of Cardiology: Referral Criteria
Adults: Referral to Cardiac Clinic

Entry Criteria

  1. Referrals accepted only from specialists or level 2/3 hospitals. Referrals are not accepted from general practitioners.

  2. Confirmed clinic appointment with reference number.

  3. Letter from referring specialist/hospital.Rheumatic heart disease requiring surgery.

  4. Uncontrolled arrhythmias.

  5. Investigation of syncope ¡V after initial evaluation.

  6. 2nd or 3rd degree heart block.

  7. Ischaemic heart disease requiring diagnostic coronary angiography.

  8. Left ventricular dysfunction for assessment for biventricular pacing or temporary pacemaker.

  9. Initial post-operative follow-up.

  10. Post PTCA/stent/BMV follow-up.

  11. Selected pericardial/myocardial disease.

Exit Criteria

  1. Patients that do not have any cardiac problem beyond any reasonable doubt.

  2. Patients with minor problems unlikely to ever require further cardiac investigations and/or interventions.

  3. Certain post-operative patients after initial follow-up considered to be cured.

  4. Patients with prosthetic valves for routine follow-up for INR check and anticoagulation therapy.

  5. Patients with extremely complex cardiac conditions considered inoperable.

  6. Patients with stable angina not for surgery.

  7. Patients with angina with normal coronary arteries.

  8. Patients with angina with vessels suboptimal for grafting.

  9. Asymptomatic valvular heart disease not requiring surgery.

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